Jolie Fleur Collection, 6 Pocket Cloth Diapers for Babies


  • waterproof & breathable outer layer in exclusive custom prints
  • inner microsuede layer wicks moisture away from baby’s skin to keep bottom dry


The Jolie Fleur cloth diaper collection includes 6 pocket diapers in the prints Hibiscus, Sage, Calathea, Dahlia, Lavender, and Tiger Lily. Six (6) 3-layer microfiber inserts are included. “Hibiscus” has a tropical island feel with its bright fuchsias, pale pinks and pops of green. “Sage” is a solid color best described as mix between celadon and sage green. “Calathea” has a unique striped pattern with coral and peach tones. “Dahlia” has a soft pale purple hue in bold polka dots. “Lavender” has a beautiful solid pale purple hue. “Tiger Lily” is a modern twist on a classic black and white polka dot.


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